At Primatics, Inc. we design and build 3 categories of motion products: Linear Positioning Stages, Rotary Positioning Stages and Motion Controls. These products are available by themselves or they can be mixed and matched to create an entirely custom motion system. Visit our Custom Motion page for information on possible OEM configurations. Email us at or call us at 888-754-3111.

Linear Positioning Stages

Whether you need the capacity for large or small payloads, short or long travel options, quick, rapid moves for assembly processes or slow, steady scans for an inspection project, our linear stages can be configured in thousands of ways to meet your requirements. » More Info

Rotary Positioning Stages

Our rotary stages are designed for an array of payloads, resolutions, size configurations and speeds. Like our linear stages, they are highly configurable. » More Info

Motion Controls

We offer a wide range of motion controls, from chassis designed to handle a single step or servo axis to those capable of handling eight. All of our drives incorporate SimpleMatch technology to ensure seamless functionality with Primatics or 3rd party stages. We offer Motor Drives that connect directly with National Instruments, Galil or Delta Tau motion controllers and feature robust power outputs for one, two or four axes of movement. » More Info

OEM Solutions

Whether it's a custom version of an existing Primatics product or something designed from the ground up, our design team can work with you to find a solution at a competitive price and an aggressive time-to-market schedule. » More Info