Testing and Inspection Equipment

Testing and Inspection Equipment

When you need to test and inspect your components, reliability and repeatability are a must.

Whether you need to increase precision or decrease costs, our custom, made-to-order products can help you optimize any operation. Below are a few examples of engineered solutions that are made possible by modifying our line of standard products. 

Linear Stage

Modified PLG160

Here we have taken a PLG160 and modified it for two carriages and used for printhead assembly. The PLG160 is equipped with a single encoder and dual forcers to track and limit sensors between carriages to avoid collision.

XYZ Stack

This XYZ stack, with third-party manual Z axis, is employed as a semi-automated tester by a printer manufacturer.



XYZ-theta stack

This four axis XYZ-theta stack, with two custom brackets, was engineered for an inspection machine to carry sensors over DUT.

1200 millimeter linear stage

This 1200 millimeter linear stage is based on a PLG160 with a PLG110 frameless motor to be used in a large format material deposition machine.

1200mm linear stage