The Primatics PXL33 Series is a small form factor, high precision linear motion stage. A linear motor and linear encoder provide precise positioning travels of 25, 60 and 110 millimeters—and anti-creep cage, cross-roller, linear bearings result in smooth, flat, straight motion.



The PXL33 is ideal for use in applications for precision assembly and inspection—two PXL33 untis can be directly stacked for XY configurations with a total height of 66 millimeters.


A precision linear encoder with index at the center of travel comes standard—forward and reverse limit sensors are also standard.


An optional pneumatic counterbalance is available for use in vertical applications—the counterbalance is adjusted for the payload, after installation. Improved accuracy can be achieved with the mapping option—data is provided from laser interferometer measurements to generate position correction information along the entire travel of the stage.

  • 25, 60, and 110 millimeter travel
  • Repeatability tolerance of +/-0.1 um
  • Accurate to within +/-.3 um
  • Linear motor
  • Linear encoder

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