The Primatics PZA25 Series elevator table offers an ideal solution for applications that require small, incremental vertical movements—the design and components ensure sub-micron resolution in a compact profile and make the PZA25 an ideal solution for semiconductor inspection, fiber optics assembly, and machine vision applications that require smooth motion, exceptional stiffness, and high resolution.


Superior Vertical Motion

The PZA25 is a higher performance, space-saving alternative to traditional Z-axis stages—the inclined plane approach offers superior performance, through the use of our reliable ball screw drivetrain, while minimizing the overall height. The PZA25 is also slim enough to give easy access to all sides of the load, and since the center of the carriage is centered over the bearings, deflections from cantilevered loads are minimized.

An array of integral limit switches, mechanical hard stops ,and a home index come standard—a clear anodize finish and metric mounting patterns are also standard.

  • 25 millimeter travel
  • Repeatability tolerance of +/-0.75 um
  • Accurate to within +/-2.5 um
  • Ball screw drivetrain

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