At Primatics we have a wealth of expertise and years of experience building high precision motion systems and positioning devices. This expertise extends beyond technologies and component selection to include best practices for engineering, manufacturing, automated assembly and verification processes.

Primatics is a solutions-based company committed to helping you achieve your goals. As your partner, we will learn about your project and recommend the absolute best solution for your application. Simply put, Primatics products are known worldwide for performance, accuracy, and repeatability, and most standard products are available and in stock—engineers, OEM’s and equipment manufacturers alike, look to Primatics for a broad range of motion product solutions, including linear actuators, rotary stages, tables, and gantry systems.

We recognize the importance of on-time delivery and satisfying the needs of customers from many areas of industry and commerce, and we are aware that many commercial and industrial products require reduced time-to-market cycles that minimize development and production costs.

We offer standard and custom solutions for a variety of applications in a range of environments, backed by rigorous quality control through data-driven metrology.

When you combine custom capabilities, in stock, standard parts availability, and 19 years of excellent customer service, you create a powerful supply solution designed to meet today’s complex motion industry demands—that’s Primatics.


Our engineers work side by side with our customers to engineer, design and build custom solutions that meet exacting customer specifications that integrate seamlessly into system designs.

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At Primatics, we deliver a high-performance, ultra-high vacuum linear stage, using special NSK E-DFO coated linear elements for Reflective X Ray Optics’ sputtering systems.

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Automation is used in many industries that rely on in cleanroom environments—industries that include the life sciences, the biomedical field, semiconductor production, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics production, and packaging.

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All high precision motion systems require high precision measuring equipment for testing and verification. At Primatics, we employ a variety of instruments including laser interferometers, optical autocollimators, precision levels, specialty encoders, and a variety of contact and non-contact sensors to achieve our exceptional quality.

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