Primatics has been in the precision motion industry since 1997 and is a recognized leader in the manufacture of motion devices for integration into semiconductor equipment

Thanks to our proven experience in the field, Primatics also manufactures innovative motion devices used in solar and PV manufacturing and testing processes. These processes include:


  • Wafer processing, production, handling, analysis, testing and inspection
  • Semiconductor assembly
  • Thin film technologies
  • (SEM) Scanning electron microscopy
  • Vacuum systems and cleanroom applications
  • Photovoltaic production processes
  • Thermal management
  • Crystalline Panel Production
  • Lithography
  • Laser micro-machining and metrology
  • Surface profiling and preparation
  • Pick-and-Place sorting
  • Silicon machining
  • Solar cell processing
  • Metalization, coating and finishes
  • Wet processing systems
  • Clean assembly and bake-out


The Semiconductor brochure describes a variety of products and capabilities for precision motion used in semiconductor, photovoltaic and related industries.

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