Clean Room Environments

Clean Room Environments

Cleanroom Compliant

Automation is used in many industries that rely on in cleanroom environments—industries that include the life sciences, the biomedical field, semiconductor production, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics production, and packaging. At Primatics, we offer options to prepare many standard linear and rotary stages for operation in cleanrooms up to ISO 5 and better. A number of our custom motion mechanisms have been developed specifically for ISO 4 and better. Our components and materials, such as lubricants, are specifically selected for cleanroom compatibility. Special assembly processes and packaging assure the mechanisms are clean and ready for use upon arrival.

Clean Room Environment

Fed Class 1 / ISO 3 Compatible Linear Stages

FED Class 1 and ISO-3 Compatible Linear Stages

These stages use integrated frameless motors, cleanroom compatible lubricants, and have an electroless nickel finish. Here they are undergoing particle testing in a clean chamber.