The inline version of the PCL40 accepts standard Imperial, NEMA 17 frame step and servo motors—because the motor mount is designed so its lower surface stays inside the cross-section of the positioner, the PCL40 can be mounted directly to a flat surface. An optional adapter enables a NEMA 23 motor to be mounted in place of a NEMA 17.

Included in the standard options for the PCL40 is a step motor and a brushless servo motor—the step motor option can be ordered with or without an internal encoder. Our servo motor option is always ordered with an encoder option.


Our internal encoder option delivers a short overall length compared with the motor on the rear of the attached motor—resolution to 0.25 um is available


Two PCL40s can be directly stacked in an XY configuration without the need of an adaptor plate—the total stack height is just 80 millimeters.


The Primatics PCL40 Series can be directly mounted to either an Imperial or metric pattern optical breadboard without the use of adapters. An optional tabletop (available in Imperial or metric) is also available for the direct mounting of lab equipment to the stage.

  • 50-400 mm travel
  • Repeatability tolerance of +/-1.0 um
  • Accurate to within +/-5.0 um
  • Ball screw drivetrain