The open architecture operates in conjunction with ACSs line of EtherCAT servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as with any certified EtherCAT module that complies with CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol—this provides a comprehensive and cost effective control solution for demanding machinery. The SPiiPlusCMhp/ba controls and generates the motion profile for up to 32 axes.

The SPiiPlusCMhp addresses demanding, high accuracy applications, while the SPiiPlusCMba economy version addresses more price sensitive applications. The SPiiPlusCMhp/ba is complemented by the SPiiPlusNT suite of software tools, including a built-in simulator that minimizes development effort and reduces time to market—it provides extraordinarily easy setup, fast host and embedded application development, and quick diagnostics, ultimately reducing efforts and costs. The built-in drives are offered with three current levels: 5/10A, 10/20A and 15/30A.

The ACS SPiiPlusCMhp/ba modules are powered by a single or three-phase AC from 24 to 265 Vac (rectified internally to generate a Vac x 1.4 motor voltage) and by a separate 24 Vdc control supply that keeps all low voltage signals alive during emergency conditions. The ACS SPiiPlusCMhp/ba supports a wide range of position feedback devices—incremental digital, analog SIN-COS, and absolute encoders. The modules are optionally available with built-in additional 4-axis control of drives with Pulse/Dir interface. The ACS SPiiPlusCMhp/ba Series is a plug-in replacement to the SPiiPlusCM Series control moduls with identical dimensions and pin to pin connectivity.

  • Can control up to 32 axes and thousands of I/Os
  • Equipped with a powerful ASCPL+ multitasking motion language
  • Three built-in drives  up to 15 amp continuous and 30 amp peak
  • Digital and analog I/O