The open architecture operates in conjunction with ACSs line of EtherCAT servo and step motor drives and I/Os modules, as well as with any certified EtherCAT module that complies with CAN over EtherCAT (CoE) protocol—this provides a comprehensive and cost effective control solution for demanding machinery. The SPiiPlusCMnt controls and generates the motion profile for up to 32 axes.

SPiiPlusCMnt is complemented by the SPiiPlus suite of software tools, including a built-in simulator that minimizes development effort and reduces time to market—it provides extraordinarily easy setup, fast host and embedded application development, and quick diagnostics, ultimately reducing efforts and costs. These tools provide the flexibility to meet specific machine requirements throughout its life cycle.

The SPiiPlusCMnt is offered with the following current levels: 2.5/5 amp, 5/10 amp and 7.5/15 amp. An optional Safe Torque Off (STO) module cuts the power to the motor without removal of the power source to comply with SIL-3 and Ple safety levels. The SPiiPlusCMnt module is powered by a single phase 85 to 230 Vac and by a separate 24 Vdc control supply that keeps all low voltage signals alive during emergency conditions.


A standard comprehensive set of powerful algorithms are included to enhance accuracy, move and settle times, smooth velocity, stability, and robustness—the SPiiPlusCMnt also includes an advanced PIV cascaded structure, loop shaping filters, gain scheduling, gantry MIMO control, dual feedback and loop control, disturbance rejection control, and an optional Servoboost(TM) algorithm that provides better, more consistent servo performance, insensitive to noise and large changes in the system.


The SPiiPlusCMnt includes digital current control with field oriented control and space vector modulation; a current ripple frequency of 40 kilohertz; a current loop sampling rate of 20 kilohertz; a programmable current loop bandwidth of up to 5 kilohertz; a sinusoidal commutation type; initiation with and without hall sensors; an advanced unipolar PWM switching method; over voltage protection; phase-to-phase short circuit; short to ground; overcurrent; and overtemperature.


The module is fed by two power sources, a motor AC supply and a 24 Vdc control supply— during emergency conditions there is no need to remove the 24 Vdc control supply.

  • Can control up to 32 axes and thousands of I/Os
  • Equipped with a powerful ASCPL+ multitasking motion language
  • Two built-in drives up to 7.5 amp continuous and 15 amp peak
  • Digital and analog I/O