The Primatics PLG110 linear motor stage is ideal, both from a design and functionality standpoint—the compact design makes it one of the smallest linear motor stages on the market and its brushless motor provides exceptionally smooth motion. Additionally, the unique Prima-Flex cabling system and Prima-Seal enclosure system allows for sensitive parts (encoder and sensor circuits, for example) to be self-contained and protected from contamination and harsh environments. Encoder resolutions up to 0.1 microns are standard.

An ideal solution when overall size is a concern, the PLG110 frameless motor mounts directly onto the ball screw—this eliminates the need for a motor coupler and external motor, ultimately reducing the footprint of the positioner while maintaining accuracy and dynamic response.


The inline version of the PLG110 accepts standard Imperial, NEMA 23 frame step and servo motors with ¼ inch, ⅜ inch, 8 millimeter, and 9 millimeter shafters —because the motor mount is designed so its lower surface stays inside the cross-section of the positioner, the PLG110 eliminates any need for an additional plate to be installed under the base.

  • 50-600 millimeter travel
  • Repeatability tolerance of +/-0.5 um
  • Accurate to within +/-1.0 um
  • Ball screw drive