The ACS MC4U is built from standard plug-in components and addresses all of your machine control needs, resulting in shorter development cycle times, reduced risk, smaller footprints, and lower costs—different enclosure sizes are available to ensure the minimum size and volume needed to meet your power and axes needs.

The high performance of the ACS MC4U is derived from the fine balance and interaction of the controller software, the hardware interfaces, the drives, the power supplies, and the precise integration of all components—each and every component is designed to deliver performance, and the system is tested as a whole to ensure that your most demanding specifications can be met. Additionally, many MC4U units and ACS and third party EtherCAT components can be networked together, creating a single, highly integrated system with up to 64 axes and hundreds more I/Os.

The SPiiPlusNT/DC family of multi-axis EtherCAT controllers (NT) and Drive Controllers (DC) is designed to address the control requirements of the most demanding motion-centric applications—semiconductors manufacturing, electronic assembly, wafer inspection, flat panel display assembly, and testing equipment, for example. The SPiiPlusNT/DC provides outstanding motion performance, sub-nanometer resolution, high speed for maximum throughput, smooth velocity, full PLC programmability, ease of use, and excellent scalability using an EtherCAT network. The SPiiPlusNT can manage a network of up to 32 axes—if more axes are needed, the SPiiPlusNTM or SPiiplusSC can be used. For distributed systems with additional EtherCAT nodes, an MC4Unt can act as the EtherCAT controller, using a SPiiPlusNT. The ACS MC4U supports fast, analog Sin-Cos encoders with raw frequencies up to 5MHz, enabling running stages using high resolution laser encoders with sub-nanometer resolution at more than 1 meter per second—all other units, which are clusters of drives (MC4UDC), include an SPiiPlusDC drive controller. If a separate EtherCAT controller is used, such as the SPiiPlusNTM or the SPiiPlusSC, then all units are of MC4Udc type and each one includes a SPiiPlusDC drive controller.

  • Can control up to 65 axes and hundreds of I/Os
  • Equipped with a powerful ASCPL+ multitasking motion language
  • Can come equipped with up to 8 built-in drives covering 100 watts to 10 kilowatts
  • Digital and analog I/O